Haven Cave Rules

Haven Directory

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  1. The Space for use is known by the codename the Haven Cave, nicknamed the Cave
    1. It is known as the Haven Cave because all activities in the cave follow the Haven Mission Statement.
  2. Jairson Ascencao is the Haven Cave Manager hereto referred to as the HCM

Usage Rules

  1. If you want to use the cave for a day you need to set up a request at least a months time before the event.
  2. If you want to set up a reoccurring event the HCM has to give approval in writing.
  3. Every single person who walks into the space must sign the waiver placed on the left hand side of the room for liability reasons.
  4. The Haven Cave needs to be clean and people need to be gone by 6:50pm no matter what, due to the next people coming in.
  5. Every person who comes in the door needs to pay the cover fee (default $6) upon entering the space

For those who work with us, the rest of the rules are here.