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CHORUS: “It’s not my fault when I’m a father by default. Of the parents I can see, including those on TV, they often break half the rules they baked and the other half, under-cooked and never made.”

VERSE 1: “1800 miles away, from where I stand today, as I left my son on his first day of school, I wonder if a parent could use a tool. I found the present a major event. On my walk home, I had a thought.”

BRIDGE: “At the stop sign, I was not a father by design. How can I make my fatherhood well understood? After many days in high gear, I finally got it. ‘Respect; that means, do not interfere’.”

VERSE 2: That’s his weekly lesson throughout the first grade. That’s how his drama will lessen when his youth fades, without dealing with a ton of rules half-baked. “School night,” I screamed, “TV off, my dear, finish your meal.” At me, he beamed “Dad, you interfere, got to be real!”

The second most important sentence in Steve Jobs’ speech to Stanford University graduates in 2005 ends with six words: “…what you truly want to become.” Right after these six words are the most important sentence, which has only four words: “Everything else is secondary.” | Watch the video
VERSE 3: The signs were clear, I broke my very own rule. But it’s cool, I now have a tool. A dozen years later, a student was looking for something greater, 18 blocks away, from where I stand today. On Henderson Bridge, we talked as we walked. The foreign student was grumbling. Relationship with his parents was crumbling. For that, I have a tool. My story for him was never too soon.

VERSE 4: From the foreign student, I got an email about his drama. To my amusement, he nailed the problem with his mama. After many days in high gear, he finally got it. “Respect; that means, do not interfere.”

Thumos Three is a group of three project participants Mike VanSeveren, Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach. Its mission is to write a book based on Nick’s experience in mathematics and Mark’s creativity in psychology. Mike was Nick’s neighbor in 2015. Mark is Mike’s childhood friend.
The two co-authors Nickantony Quach and Mark Canny were lucky during their second year of hard work when a visiting professor in economics at Brown University joined in as a test subject. His name is Ilaf Elard, shown in the first two photos on this page.
The 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration was published before Mark graduated from the University of Rhode Island.
July 27, 2018
Release of the video “Do Not Interfere” | Father by Design | S1E1
Nov 15, 2018
Release of the video Master of the Sky | PVD Philosophy | S1E2 | Steve Jobs’ Philosophy of Life
Feb 21, 2019
Release of the video The First Step | Grow Up With AOC | S1E4 | Move the World Forward | This video was made to capture the experience of using the nomenclature without using the rules in Thumos philosophy.
June 2019
First encounter between Norman D. Baker and Jairson Ascenco
Aug 11, 2019
First encounter between Nickantony Quach and Agostino (Gus) Minter‘s group On-A-Beat
Sep 5
First encounter between Jairson Ascenco and Nickantony Quach
Sep 20
First encounter between Norman D. Baker and Nickantony Quach at the Trinity Skatepark | Tell me more
Sep 24
First encounter between Jairson Ascenco and Agostino (Gus) Minter‘s group On-A-Beat
Oct 1
Haven First Weekly Gathering: The first encounter between Elias the Tengukid and Agostino (Gus) Minter took place at the first event in the impromptu music series Providence Haven at Kennedy Plaza | Tell me more
Oct 29
Haven Fourth Weekly Gathering
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Dec 2
Haven Seventh Weekly Gathering
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Dec 17
First articles published for our Coalmont Magazine
Dec 20
Release of the video What is Leadership? How to Exercise Leadership?
Jan 9, 2020
Alec Mustafayev exercised his leadership and got us started with our Kingmaker Spaceship Comic Project
Jan 12
Nick came up with Musk Yusaku as a male character for our comic. Alec likes the name but not the sex. As the result, Musk is now a female character. Neither Elon Musk Nor Yusaku Maezawa But Out of This World
99 (99/99) xxx yyy
99 (99/99) xxx yyy
Jan 20
Zoe Anderson – Illustrator for our Kingmaker Spaceship Comic Project
Jan 29
Zoe Anderson did her magic and gave life to our character Musk as captured by the video First Drawing of Müsk Yụsãkù | NDBaker93 | S13E25
Feb 3
Art Night at Haven Cave
Feb 24
Leo Castillo aka @SmokingCadillacs
Feb 29
Release of the video Proposing the First Comic Panels | NDBaker93 | S14E02