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Thumoslang – The Best-Ever New Year’s Resolution

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LATEST NEWS: All are invited to join us at our next impromptu music gathering at 4 PM on Monday each week at 116 Calverly St in Providence. The entrance fee is 6 dollars a person. Tell me more, where is it on the map?

Welcome to Providence Haven!

We are an impromptu music group. We meet weekly in Providence, Rhode Island to perform creatively and grow together.  You can bring your own instruments or just show up and enjoy the music.

This is a creative whirlstorm filled with local musicians and Providence people who all come together for the chance to improv off of each other and make great sound. We love an audience so anyone can come. Lets bring the people of Providence together through improv, singing, dancing, rapping, and moving.

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Keep contact with new friends from our event through the following link:

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Thumoslang – The Best-Ever New Year’s Resolution