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The following video series involve one or more participants of our weekly event Providence Haven.

Haven PVD – Video Series

The video series, “Haven PVD”, on Ri4CTV captures the spirit of our weekly event Providence Have. The series homepage is located at Ri4CTV.com/HavenPVD.

The first episode in Season 1 will be released on Christmas Day. Its title is “@tengukid” as it introduces one of the co-organizer of our weekly event. | Watch this video

NDBaker93 – Video Series

One of the participants of Providence Have is Norman D. Baker. The video series NDBaker93 is all about, as pictured, Norman D. Baker (born 1993) whose email address is NDBaker93@gmail.com. This series made its debut without fanfare on October 5th, 2019. Ever since, the series releases a new episode of an unhurried conversation on each and every calendar day, normally at 6 PM New York Time on Ri4CTV. | Click here for Season 1 | Click here for the series homepage at Ri4CTV.com/NDBaker93

The following list explains how Season 1 of the NDBaker93 series is related to our weekly event.

On A Beat PVD – Video Series

(Coming soon)

Burnside Park – Video Series

The fifth episode, “On A Beat”, in Season 1 of the series, Burnside Park, on Ri4CTV captures a portion of the first encounter between Nickantony Quach and three of the five members of the group On A Beat. Two of the five, Gus and Desi, are participants of our weekly event Providence Haven.

Brown RISD – Video Series

(Coming soon)

T3LPVD – Video Series

(Coming soon)

Jairson Ascencao – Video Series

(Coming soon)

Thumoslang102 – Video Series

(Coming soon)