Haven Meeting Notes

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A | Editorial

  1. This page is what Nick proposes as the Meeting Agenda.
  2. This page should be moved to Agenda before the meeting.
  3. This page should be blank before the meeting.

B | Objectives

  1. Here are what we have as our plans for the future.
  2. What do we think of our current plans?
  3. Do we have any concerns on how we should work together in the long term?

C | Leader

  1. Profession; that means, skill-required job.
  2. Professional; that means, meeting profession-standards.
  3. To have serious income, we need to become professional and meet standards expected by paying audience.
  4. This calls for professional experience and additional resources, human and technical alike.

D | Meetings

  1. Wednesday Management Meeting at 11:59 PM at Nick’s Place
  2. Monday Haven Event at 4:10 PM until 6:50 PM
  3. Weekly Core Meetings

E | Legality

  1. Norm will deal with business activities for us
  2. Legal forms should not take away creative freedom

Z | Trailer

  1. x
  2. y


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