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GUWA stands for “Grow Up With AOC”, which is the flagship video series on our YouTube channel Ri4CTV. As it turns out, this series is a great tool for mentors as well as those seeking help from mentors. A companion to GUWA video series is our guide to mentoring, which is organized as a collection of “books”, as listed below. This collection is also known as Guwa Belt – Mentoring for All, also known as, #GuwaBeltBooks. To become a Black Belt in mentoring, use the following #GuwaBelt book collection. | Tell me more | Start with Book 1

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The link, ri4ctv.com/guwa, takes you to the homepage of the video series, Grow Up With AOC, also known as #GrowUpWithAOC. The link, ri4ctv.com/guwa/belt, takes you to this page, which is the homepage of the book series, Guwa Belt – Mentoring for All, also known as #GuwaBelt, which is written and curated by Nickantony Quach, pictured below in black jacket. | Start with Book 1

Start with Book 1

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