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Global Skydio User Group

What is Global Skydio User Group?

What is Global Skydio User Group? It is the collection of all YouTube videos used to share the experience someone actually went through while using Skydio. The first of such videos are presented by Ri4CTV as a video series under the name, “Skydio UX”. To join the Global Skydio User Group, follow the steps as listed under the Standard Video Registration Procedure, below.

What is Skydio UX?

What is “Skydio UX” (#SkydioUX)? It is the series of videos presented at Ri4CTV on YouTube as part of the Global Skydio User Group.

Standard Video Registration Procedure

Skydio users are all invited to join our group, the Global Skydio User Group, whose hashtag is #GlobalSkydioUserGroup. To join our group, do the following:

  • Step 1. Create a YouTube video to share your Skydio experience; see the video, “Lost Subject Jim”, as a sample, presented in the next section.
  • Step 2. Append the following quoted phrase to your video title: “Global Skydio User Group”. Use a vertical bar ( | ) to separate this tail from the rest of your video title.
  • Step 3. Place the following as one of the first three hashtags in your description: #GlobalSkydioUserGroup
  • Step 4. Optionally leave a message and let Ri4CTV know of the link to your video using the message form at Ri4CTV.com/Contact.

The First Video in the Series Skydio UX

Below is an example of a YouTube video used to share Skydio experience.

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