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Search Options

Follow steps A through F below to search for videos on Ri4CTV, or select one of the following:

Step A Go to

Do the following if not already at home of Ri4CTV in YouTube.

  1. Using a Web browser, go to
  2. Switch to Desktop version if you are using a Smartphone mobile browser.
  3. If not at on Ri4CTV in YouTube, enter “Ri4CTV” in the YouTube search box.
  4. If not at home of Ri4CTV in YouTube, click on Ri4CTV name or logo to reach its home.

Step B Find the Channel Search Box

Do the following if you do not see the Ri4CTV channel search box.

  1. Select the down arrow to bring up the channel’s extended menu.
  2. Select the channel’s command Search.




Step C Enter Channel Search Criteria

As shown in the nearby image, use the channel search box to find the Ri4CTV video you’re looking for.

Step D Alternatively Find by Topic

Step E Otherwise Contact Ri4CTV

If the above steps cannot help you find what you’re looking for on our YouTube channel Ri4CTV, feel free to contact us for direct help by leaving us a message on the following page:

Step F Want to Be on Ri4CTV?