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Thumoslang Definition

Field; that means, context for nomenclature.


Involved are these thumbnail definitions.

  1. Context; that means, affecting circumstances.
  2. Affection; that means, degree of fondness.
  3. Circumstance; that means, relevant settings.
  4. Nomenclature; that means, naming system.
  5. System; that means, together as one.

Defining Words

Involved are these defining words.

  1. affecting
  2. Affection
  3. Circumstance
  4. circumstances
  5. context
  6. fondness
  7. nomenclature
  8. relevant
  9. settings
  10. system

Related Concepts

The following may relate to the above concept.

  1. Peer; that means, in the same field.



Concepts such as success and leadership cannot achieve validity in their own rights. You can never become absolutely successful. The best you can achieve is being successful within a specific field. You can never become an absolute leader. The best you can achieve is being a leader within a specific field. The main reason why many failed to become a successful leader is because they do not know what a field truly is. This is where Thumoslang is at its best. Field; that means, context for nomenclature. The complexity of your nomenclature determines the level of success in your leadership. For example, if you know only two chemical elements, your nomenclature in chemistry is too simple for you to become a leader in chemistry.


Click here to see the original source of Thumoslang which is the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.



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