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If you searched via Google for the character string, pvdped, four days after the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge was officially open, you would see the following videos ranked as the second and third search results:

At that time, if you searched, instead, for the hashtag, #pvdped, you would see those videos as the only search results. The same search via YouTube brought up, as the result, in total five videos, which included the above two and the other three of the first five episodes in Season 1 of the series, PVD Ped Bridge.

You must not have a fortune before you achieve fame, which is not a bad thing in search of furtune. Owning an effective hashtag is a way to get there. Remember #pvdped as an example while you consider the following:

  • The hashtag name should be as short as possible. If it is too long, people would not use it frequently enough.
  • The hashtag name should be as generic in meaning as possible. If it is too specific, not too many would under their own power come up with the name.
  • When people do a web search using the hashtag as their criteria, most of the search results should eventually lead inquirers to your business of the self.

Another example is #dtolby. Thanks to Ri4CTV, the result in YouTube search of #dtolby is, as of this writing, all about David, long before he has a significant presence on the Web.

How Ri4CTV does the same for a professional is demonstrated by #JimSestito.

Ri4CTV.com/Flea is where you can find out how Ri4CTV does the same for several business owners.

How can Ri4CTV help students, and others who are still in their youth, get started? The answer awaits on the next page.

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#PVDPed Season 1 Episode 4

#PVDPed Season 1 Episode 5