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About Ri4CTV

Youtube.com/Ri4CTV is a brand new, INCLUSIVE web-based TV station serving ALL citizens around the world as well as the people of Rhode Island. It has been publishing a new video on each and every calendar day since April 2019. To see what videos were released on Ri4CTV during which week, go to Ri4CTV.com/Weeks.

Sample Stories

Even during its earliest months, many are using Ri4CTV as their global stage to tell their story using a new type of visual storytelling offered by Ri4CTV. Here are several examples.

  • EXAMPLE 1: The six videos in the Ri4CTV series, Brandon Lee, trace the journey of a musician specialized in original gospel music.
  • EXAMPLE 2: From 2 different high schools, best friends Obed Yancor and Tiernan Moore tell their stories, since the start of June 2019, at 5 PM every Friday in their weekly show, Obed & Tiernan, on Ri4CTV.
  • EXAMPLE 3: The two videos in the Ri4CTV series, Dancer Victor, begins the story of a dancer who enjoys using the skateboard.

Other Series

The series, RI Bike Life, on Ri4CTV presents a motorcyclist in one of its videos. It is one of many series in the program section on Ri4CTV called, Rhode Island on Wheels.

Single-video Stories

Great Videos on Ri4CTV