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Welcome to Rhode Island Foresight Television, also known as, RI4CTV. We are the Global Stage for Your Ideal Self. This is where you can formally introduce yourself to the world. Let everyone know of your background as well as what you truly want to become. We can help you express both. For an example, go to ri4ctv.com/page91a, and see how Charbel Hachem does it for himself. For another example, go to ri4ctv.com/page91b, and see how Jim Sestito does it for himself. For more information, go to ri4ctv.com/espanol.

For us, GUWA stands for “Grow Up With AOC”, which is the flagship video series on our YouTube channel Ri4CTV. As it turns out, this video series is a great tool for mentors as well as those seeking help from mentors. For more information on the series, go to ri4ctv.com/guwa.

Also, Guwa Belt means Black Belt in mentoring. To become a Black Belt in mentoring, use the Guwa Belt Book Series along with Ri4CTV’s flagship video series, Grow Up With AOC. To get a black belt in mentoring, the first step is not to read any book but spend a dozen minutes and watch only the first four episodes in Season 1 of , Grow Up With AOC. This should also be the first step for your mentees, when you want to start mentoring them. For more information on the series, go to ri4ctv.com/guwabelt.

What’s up guys? I’m Charbel and I’m part of this YouTube channel Ri4CTV.

If you have a dream or a passion that you want to follow then join me.

Ri4CTV is a channel where you can express yourself.