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One of the most important video series on Ri4CTV is Thumoslang101. That is why its subtitles are made available in 87 different languages, including English.

Learn to speak Thumoslang and become a master of relationships. Thumoslang is the first formal nomenclature for social life. If you want to become an expert in a particular field, you must first learn of its nomenclature, which is the system of naming things in the same field. If you want to become an expert in relationships, you must first learn how to use Thumoslang. Its power is demonstrated by the video series Thumoslang101. | Tell me more

Click here to access the Press Release for Thumoslang101

Click here for Season 1 of Thumoslang101

Transcript of Episode 1 in Season 1 of Thumoslang101


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