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WP_20190407_13_41_14_Pro__highresEffective Leadership Using Thumoslang (ELUT) is a two-hour workshop conducted by Nickantony (Nick) Quach from 2 to 4 PM on a weekday in Providence, Rhode Island (#ELUTPVD). You can get there in ten minutes from Downtown Providence using the R-bus, which runs every ten minutes throughout the day. For details, contact Nick via Ri4CTV.com/Nick.

Workshop Description

Leadership is not about work. It’s about getting the work done by extraneous human resources available around you for the purpose of your life. For a demonstration, see the following example.

If your family and friends had ten hours a week for you, together they had 500 hours each year for you. That means, you always have a quarter of a full-time worker. Why not use such human resources for the purpose of your life but systematically?

The operative word is, systematically. That means, after four years, in the above example, you should be able to produce something so impressive and so big for your life that it would take a full-time worker 12 months to make.

What would you do if you had such a worker free of charge to you? Where would you be if you used the worker in the last 12 or 24 months? Questions such as these are addressed by this workshop in Providence. As implied by its name, it teaches you how to become effective, right away, in getting others to volunteer and work for your life day in and day out.

Workshop Preparation

As part of the teaching, Nick produced this video for you to watch before the workshop. In few minutes, it spells out exactly what leadership is.

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