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Welcome to our volunteering program, “Do Rhode Island Now at Ri4CTV” (DoRiNow). Its home is at, and its hashtag is #DoRiNow.

The program #DoRiNow is reserved for those who are in Rhode Island now and want to volunteer and participate in Ri4CTV, a global project based in Rhode Island. Visitors to Rhode Island as well as temporary and permanent residents of Rhode Island are all invited to join us.

To get started, contact Jim, Nick, or Charbel at and ask for more information about the program, “Do Rhode Island Now at Ri4CTV”.

Your participation will bring you mastery of relationships, skills in global leadership, plus meaningful connections with local people, especially while you’re here in Rhode Island.

For those whose English is their second language, working with Ri4CTV as a volunteer will help you become a Black Belt in the English language.

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