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Thumoslang Definition

Deliberation; that means, presented thoughts.


Involved are these thumbnail definitions.

  1. Thought; that means, mind-product.

Defining Words

Involved are these defining words.

  1. mind-product
  2. presented
  3. Thought
  4. thoughts

Related Concepts

The following may relate to the above concept.

  1. Adulthood; that means, deliberate future.
  2. Agency; that means, the capacity of deliberation.
  3. Deliberate; that means, with deliberation.
  4. Deliberate-expression; that means, identity delivery.
  5. Design; that means, deliberate foresight.
  6. Disclosure; that means, deliberate exposure.
  7. Engineering; that means, deliberate structures.
  8. IDP; that means, deliberate growth. It stands for individual development plan.
  9. Intent; that means, deliberate goal.
  10. Perseverance; that means, extended deliberation.
  11. Persona; that means, deliberate expression.
  12. Personal-philosophy; that means, deliberate approach to personal ideals.
  13. (Ask Nick for the complete list)



According to Thumoslang database before March 2020, deliberation means “documented decision”. This definition presents two different issues. On the one hand, a deliberation may not involve a decision. On the other hand, a deliberation may not be documented at all. On March 9th, the definition is revised to become “presented thoughts”. The revision did not pass the test of time too long. On May 20th, 2020, Ed Zeitz and Nickantony Quach carried out an extended discussion on this concept and made the following conclusion. Deliberation; that means, “agreement of history”. Deliberation is in effect so long as at least two sides are in agreement of the recorded events.

The table below summarizes the key differences between debate, dialogue, and deliberation.

Debate, Dialogue, & Deliberation
Debate Dialogue Deliberation
Compete Exchange Weigh
Argue Discuss Choose
Promote option Builds relationships Make choices
Seek majority Understand Seek overlap
Persuade Seek understanding Seek common ground
Dig in Reach across Framed to make choices
Tight structure Loose structure Flexible structure
Express Listen Learn
Usually fast Usually slow Usually slow
Win/lose No decision Common ground
Community division Enhanced trust Legitimacy and buy-in

Alternative definitions: Jairson on 5/21/2020 suggest that deliberation in Thumoslang should mean either “careful and intentional development of thought” or “intentional development of thought”. That was one day after he presented a shorter version, “development of thoughts”. This is registered hereby for the record.

Outdated Lecture: “Presented thoughts are normally not possible without formal presentation. That’s why deliberation is normally not possible without documentation. To live your life with deliberation, you must have a personal philosophy.”

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Click here to see the original source of Thumoslang which is the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.



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