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What are the top 5 Covid-19 symptoms?

Covid19 Symptoms

If someone has symptoms for at least 7 days, with the final 3 days of that showing improvement in their symptoms and the final 3 days also being without a fever in the absent of any fever-reducing medication, then it’s acceptable to consider, at the end of at least 7 days since the start of those symptoms, someone as being negative without having to get a test to confirm that they’re negative.

Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH – RI DOH Director
Source Video (3/24/2020)

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Yesterday there were 54 new cases in Rhode Island, an increase of 8%. Today 0 new cases so far, up 0%. RI today as of 12:27:19 PM has 711 cases in total, 697 of which (98%) active, 1 in 1510 Rhode Islanders. |

Rhode Island COVID-19 patients by city/town of residence

In comparison, we had 1090 new cases in Connecticut yesterday, up 22%. Today 0 new cases so far, up 0%. CT today 4/4/2020 has 4914 cases in total, 4783 of which (97%) active, 1 in 747 people in CT.

Next door, 1436 new cases in Massachusetts, up 14%. Today 0 new cases so far, up 0%. MA today has 10402 cases, 10200 (98%) active, 1 in 642 people in MA.

New York yesterday saw 10423 new cases, up 10%. Today 10228 new cases so far, up 9%. NY now has 113704 cases in total, 99661 (88%) active, 1 in 194 New Yorkers.

New Jersey yesterday saw 4305 new cases, up 14%. Today 0 new cases so far, up 0%. NJ now has 29895 cases in total, 29249 (98%) active, 1 in 301 people in NJ.

California yesterday saw 1429 new cases, up 12%. Today 366 new cases so far, up 3%. CA now has 12633 cases in total, 11498 (91%) active, 1 in 3240 Californians.

USA yesterday saw 32284 new cases, up 12%. Today 16070 new cases so far, up 5%. As of 4/4/2020 at 12:27:19 PM USA has 293231 cases in total, 270941 of which (92%) are active, 1 in 1155 Americans.

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C | What to do first and foremost?

Stay At Home: The Governor has issued a stay-at-home order until April 13. This means that all Rhode Islanders should stay home unless getting food, medicine, gas, or going to work.

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All Rhode Island residents are required to stay home unless traveling to work, traveling for medical treatment or obtaining necessities (food, medicine, gas, etc.). Rhode Island residents may still go outside to exercise and get fresh air, however, they must practice social distancing while outside and avoid touching surfaces frequently touched by others.

Starting immediately, all gatherings of more than 5 people are banned. Individuals should be interacting with the same people every day to minimize the risk of spread.

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COVID-19 basics: Symptoms, spread and other essential information about the new coronavirus and COVID-19

How should reporting be done by health care providers?


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On Monday March 16, San Francisco with Health Officers from the Bay Area announced a Public Health Order that requires residents to stay home except for essential needs. This starts on March 17.


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