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Thumoslang Definition

Connection; that means, acknowledged vulnerability.


Involved are these thumbnail definitions.

  1. Vulnerability; that means, uncomfortable exposure.

Defining Words

Involved are these defining words.

  1. acknowledged
  2. exposure
  3. vulnerability

Related Concepts

The following may relate to the above concept.

  1. Connectedness; that means, connection quality.
  2. Connectivity; that means, connection status.
  3. Narrative; that means, connected events.
  4. Neural-circuit; that means, interconnected neurons. It’s a functional entity of interconnected neurons that is able to regulate its own activity using a feedback loop.
  5. Neural-pathway; that means, linear pathway in a neural circuit. It’s a series of interconnected neurons whose activation defines a recognizable linear pathway.
  6. Online; that means, network-connected.
  7. Separation; that means, loss of connectedness.
  8. Story; that means, connected characters.
  9. Transcendence; that means, connected to the infinite.


Click here to see the original source of Thumoslang which is the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.



Click here to watch the video on the origin of Thumoslang.