Ri4CTV Chess Club

ri4ctv youtube homepage logo 2018Welcome to the Homepage of Ri4CTV Chess Club at Ri4CTV.com/Chess

To support our work, please go to Ri4CTV.com/Donate.

Chess Pieces on Demand

Chess pieces will be brought to you while you are on the #PVDPedBridge. To have chess pieces on demand, contact Nick at 401-489-3349.

Storytelling on PVDPedBridge

Members of the public may use the #PVDPedBridge as the backdrop for their story on Ri4CTV.  The story may be as short as a single video or as long as a series. As an example, in the following video, Dana, a 25-year-old resident of Providence introduces himself in a series whose title is his Instagram name. The second episode is expected in the future.



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