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Caribou is the code name for the book-writing project, Career Initiation Book for You, which is to be carried out in Providence, Rhode Island by the two co-writers Nickantony Quach and Elias Turner during Elias’ final year in high school (2019-2020). This online version is a foretaste. The book tells a complex story of how Nick, using the full weight of his YouTube channel Ri4CTV, helps Elias become far more powerful than he has been led to believe. To do this, run your business of the self with foresight. Ri4CTV is what it takes. The YouTube series NDBaker93 on Ri4CTV gets you started. This book explains it all.

Local students from various schools in or near Providence, Rhode Island who would also like to participate in our current or future projects, or to have direct help in writing and publishing their books ahead of graduation, should contact Nick as soon as possible. Taking on such a project journey is a fast way for you as an individual to become far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe.

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Optional music is provided at the bottom of every page in this online book for those who want to hear some music while reading. The music is not necessarily related to the content of the page. You may choose to listen to music presented at the bottom of one page while reading another page.