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Thumoslang Definition

Behavior; that means, social conduct.


Involved are 12 thumbnail definitions.

  1. Social; that means, multiple relations.
  2. Relation; that means, purposeful involvement.
  3. Purpose; that means, value to others.
  4. Value; that means, level of usefulness.
  5. Involvement; that means, causing inclusion.
  6. Inclusion; that means, considered as participant.
  7. Conduct; that means, standardized interaction.
  8. Interaction; that means, action between.
  9. Action; that means, unit of effort.
  10. Effort; that means, vigorous attempt.

Defining Words

Involved are 16 defining words.

  1. action
  2. attempt
  3. conduct
  4. considered
  5. effort
  6. inclusion
  7. interaction
  8. involvement
  9. participant
  10. Purpose
  11. purposeful
  12. Relation
  13. relations
  14. social
  15. value
  16. vigorous

Related Concepts

Several of the following 13 concepts may relate to one another.

  1. Custom; that means, widely-accepted behaviors.
  2. Feelings; that means, signals influencing behavior.
  3. Influence; that means, affecting behavior.
  4. innate-behavior; that means, inherent inclination.
  5. Instinct; that means, inborn behavior.
  6. Intention; that means, imminent behavior.
  7. Manner; that means, outward behavior.
  8. Manners; that means, socially accepted behavior.
  9. Morality; that means, moral behavior.
  10. Principle; that means, foundation for behaviors.
  11. Psychology; that means, the mind and the behavior.
  12. Role; that means, socially-expected behaviors.


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