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Based in Rhode Island, we are the Ri4CTV Writing Team. We operate the YouTube channel Ri4CTV, manage our online bookstore Ri4CTV Shop, and curate the “Match-Up Program” by Ri4CTV; Make Purposeful Connections!

Our nonfiction books are about Thumoslang, developed by our in-house philosopher Nickantony Quach (pictured below, left) as the weave for a more robust social fabric.

We exercise our imagination in The Dog’s Day, a science-fantasy story by Alec Mustafayev (pictured above, right) about the hostility between mechanical humans. The first book in the series is Reborn with Power (pictured below).

Our best two nonfictions are the original Thumos textbook (OTB), titled Thumos: Adulthood, Love, and Collaboration (pictured below), and its companion, The Dictionary of Thumoslang. OTB broke through many intellectual barriers; it is the first book presenting the Thumos Philosophy and, no less important, its nomenclature, Thumoslang.

OTB is the first to have a falsifiable definition of love. Chapter Six explains falsifiably how love works, its elements, and how to discharge its power systematically. Chapter Three shows everyone how to organize their lives completely, which is necessary for self-love. Most of the original knowledge found in the book is the Thumos Philosophy. Its operating terms, together known as Thumoslang, make falsifiability possible in the text.

Thumoslang’s immense power rests in its thumbnail definitions. Each specifies the concept associated with an operating term. Over one thousand thumbnail definitions appear in The Dictionary of Thumoslang (pictured above). They help you determine who is correct in every argument.

For additional teaching material, see the Thumoslang Visitor Center. All our books are on sale at the Ri4CTV Shop, our online bookstore at Ri4C.com/Shop.

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