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Welcome to Ri4CTV live streaming of web series, Ask Steve Jobs, with your host Nickantony.Quach@gmail. Ask us now via text to 252-249-5667 or, any question about LIFE, LOVE, the SELF, RELATIONSHIPS, etc.

How to Request a Live Session Now

The streaming series gives viewers an opportunity to learn about the book of Mateophil, figure out how to use it as a template for their personal philosophy, and interact with its writers, long before the book published. If the streaming is not live, you can make a special request. To request a live session so you can interact with Ri4CTV within 24 hours, send a text message to 252-249-5667 (Ala-Biz-Loop) or You may also request a weekly session at a certain time on a particular day of the week. Include your email address if you want to receive a formal response. It’s easy to remember the texting number, by using the spelling, ‘Ala-Biz-Loop’ (252-249-5667). To share this with your friends, use the link

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