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Welcome! You’re viewing the Table of Contents (TOC) of our Ri4CTV User Guide aka. Guide to Ri4CTV on Patreon. This TOC is divided into various sections. The first section is the “Reception Area”, which has links for the guide’s cover page, its shortcut, the Visual Guide to the Ri4CTV Library, and the Ri4CTV Visitor Info Center.

Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV) is the online social space anchored by the three main social-media channels (Est. 2019), (Est. 2020), and (Est. 2020). Our long videos are normally placed on our YouTube channel. Our short videos are often posted on our Instagram channel. Our fee-based contents are presented on our Patreon channel.


1 | Reception Area

2 | Work Area

3 | Reading Area

4 | Our Communities

5 | Our Organizations

6 | Our History

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