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  1. Welcome to Ri4CTV
  2. Ri4CTV is the host for our Kingmaker Comic project.
  4. You’re invited to join us making a powerful comic series.
  5. This GIF is downloadable at
  6. This text is downloadable at
  7. Student writers, artists, and singers are all invited to join us.
  8. Beginners are welcome to join us in any capacity you see fit.
  9. Our project leader is a high school student.
  10. Alec Mustafayev – Project Leader
  11. Our project manager is a recent high school graduate.
  12. Jairson Ascencao – Project Manager
  13. Our project admin is a computer specialist.
  14. Nickantony Quach – Project Admin
  15. Join us and have fun with us locally or from far away.
  16. Have fun with us!
  17. Norman D. Baker (born 1993) handles PR for our project.
  18. Norman D. Baker (born 1993)
  19. For our latest news, watch the YouTube daily show NDBaker93 on Ri4CTV.
  20. NDBaker93 S13E4 Comic – First Ideas