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Caribou is the idea of running a yearly interschool project in order to give students from nearby high schools an opportunity to grow with one another. This project experience should help them as the individual become far more powerful than they’ve been led to believe. For most project participants, the ultimate result should be a personal creation that can be used to launch their career. It should be a product or its prototype. It can be a painting, a song, or a book. Writers should find the following interesting. As a name, caribou was chosen because it originally stands for a Career Initiation Book for You.

  • CaribouPVD is for HS students in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Caribou Story is the our source for writers and reporters

Elias Turner aka Tengu and Alec Mustafayev are the first two high school students from Providence who are involved with the project. High school students from outside Providence may wish to participate remotely. For more information, contact Nickantony Quach.

Elias the TengukidElias Turner aka Tengu Alec Mutafayev

Caribou is a high-school version of a greater social movement known as the Thumos Movement. The basic idea, on which the movement is founded, is expressed by the video, Game Changer, which is Episode 1 in Season 8 of NDBaker93. Behind the idea is the making of Thumoslang, which is the standard nomenclature for use by all project participants. | Tell me more

CaribouPVD is operated by We4inPVD. If you would like to become such an operator for your locality, Nickantony Quach can help you get started.