Dear Jared,

You must be hella bored stuck at home. Want to become an internet sensation? Make a video with your neighbor about killing boredom. Come up with something hilarious or productive to do and invite/challenge them. Your invite/challenge has to be recorded and their acceptance has to also be recorded. Record the challenge happening and upload to RI4CTV Channel.

How to make a challenge

First Video Round (no Thumoslang)

  1. Create a challenge video
    1. Upload to RI4CTV Channel
    2. Video has set time duration, anything longer has to have a trailer that leads to a link of full video
  2. National video
    1. this is a public service/messenger video
    2. this video is the explanation of what this challenge is:
      1. We are creating a national village

Second Video Round For

  1. Create acceptance video
    1. Upload
  2. Create action video

Third Video Round

  1. Create victory video
    1. Upload

This challenge video has to be both for a neighbor and for an out of state friend/family member/colleague

National Community, this is a national crisis and we want to create national relations. If we focus on building a national community the actions start to seem heroic and the people spreading the story feel heroic.

Here’s a challenge: create a new relation either with someone you’re familiar or with a stranger.

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