How to Join the Haven team

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There are two things you need to do to join the Haven team, and they’re very simple. One is a method of communication, the other is a method of collaboration


  • To communicate professionally, the members of the Haven team use Google Hangouts for everything from updates to group chats focused around particular passion projects. This is what you have to do.
    • Download google hangouts the app to your phone.
    • Once your email is set up and ready to go, invite or whoever your main contact is to have a conversation with you.
    • Get connected!


Overall Collaboration

  • To collaborate with other members of Haven, we use WordPress to keep all of our work in an easy to reach location.
  • The Haven office is where we put the work that we want all other members of Haven to be able to access.

Specific Collaboration

  • In the Haven village, we operate with specific nomenclature to make communication more effective between members. One of those is the word paracity. A paracity is a genre of work within the Haven Village. For example, we have the Storytelling Paracity, headed by Alec Mustafayev. One of the projects in that paracity is the Kingmaker Comic. Because the goal of Haven is to achieve effective collaboration, each Paracity should have at least one Paracity Leader, and one Paracity Manager.
    • If your interest has been established within the village, speak with that paracity’s manager to find where you will best be able to contribute
    • If your interest has not yet been established within Haven’s village, go here to learn how to create a paracity

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