How to create a Paracity

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What you need

  1. You need to find someone willing to create an ongoing relation with you as the leader/s of your Paracity
  2. Without someone else in your business of the self, you will have self biased thoughts and be slowed down.
  3. Relation, that means, purposeful involvement. You need to have a regular (at least weekly) interaction with someone else involved with Haven for the purpose of creation.
  4. At least one person must be the Paracity Leader, and at least one other person the Paracity Manager
    1. Leadership, that means, ahead of history.
    2. Management, that means, preventing resource-waste
    3. To run an effective paracity, at least one person must be thinking about where the paracity is headed and the work that needs to be done, and the other person must be working to make sure that things are done efficiently and effectively.

How to begin once you’ve found your Partner

  1. Get onto and create a private office for you and your partner.
    1. That’s as simple as logging into your WordPress account and clicking on the top left where it says My Sites > Switch Sites > Add New Site
    2. Once you’re creating a new blogging site make sure to go for the free option, its harder to find a perfect url but its free!
    3. Invite your partner by going to My Sites > Manage > People, and plugging their email in as an administrator
    4. You may want to mirror the Haven Office homepage as an effective homepage for your work.
Example Homepage
  1. Now you have an easy place for you two to begin your work, all you need to do is begin creating the products of your paracity.
  2. Your private office is where you can do the project work that you need to for your paracity, and the Haven office is where you can share the deliverables you need others to use in order to further your personal and our collective goals.

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