Shira and Her Ideals

Direct Quotes from Shira

“I’ve worked with Mental health policy and realized how much of a gap exists in the mental health system between how patients are being treated under the law because they are seen as incompetent versus how that person represents themselves”

“I want to make it so that people in terms of the system are not just names on a piece of paper but are an actual human being.”

“I want to create drivers for society to treat its members as people with emotions, personalities, and opinions rather than as cold numbers.”

“The village will help villagers learn the value of their personhood.”

What does Shira Want Haven as a Village to do for her?

  • Having a support system is really important.
  • Having people on your side is really important.
  • I can easily convince myself that something isn’t important when it really is, so having people to remind me that those opinions are valuable is really helpful
  • Having people to help me endure the process of creating change in the system that is so etched in stone. Specifically the policy system.

What does Shira want haven as a village to do for people?

  • I want it to give people the opportunity and resources to feel comfortable and like they are seen. To make everyone feel seen from a societal standpoint and from a policy standpoint.

Shira: I want to create drivers for people to have social freedom.

Extra because Shira loves reciprocity

What does Jairson Want Haven as a Village to do for him?

I want it to give me the opportunity to put as many people as I possibly can on the track towards creating the person that they are meant to become. father dream friend

What does Jairson Want Haven as a Village to do for People

Make it so that a child never hears the words “be realistic” again

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