Hey Alec, so this is the basic thoughts Shira and I had for this Sunday. Just like with the comic, there’s multiple processes (In this case only two), you can share this with Andrea if she’s curious. It would basically be Shira and Andrea talking while you and I talk.

Social Research and Action (Shira and Andrea)

  • Shira needs to move forward on the idea of research and where to begin doing social justice things in Providence
    • She and Andrea could get pretty deep on what issues they want to focus on first.
    • Shira wants to hear Andrea’s thoughts unadulterated by her voice.
    • She wants to ask some questions like “How do you see Haven?”
    • “What parts of social justice are you experienced in?”

A scalable Haven paracity process focused on interpersonal justice (Alec and Jairson)

  • Alec wants to talk about spreading haven everywhere? Sunday is a good place to do that.
  • A basic question to start with is “how do we automate all these processes so Haven Rochester could be more than a dream?”
    • Most human decency stuff is clear and obvious.
    • What isn’t clear and obvious is how someone makes a paracity without involving Jairson
    • It also isn’t clear how to hook up paracities to pararegions.
    • People need a clear training process with as few steps as possible.
    • These steps need to be scalable as in something that could be put into a book or Coalmont articles
    • This is where global action begins.

Other questions for me and Alec if we get stuck

  • What is a paracity?
  • How do you begin a paracity?
  • How do you bring people into a paracity in a way that is in line with their ideals?
  • What is a pararegion?
  • How does a pararegion help the paracities?
  • Where does interpersonal justice play in?