Haven Gif

  1. Welcome to Ri4CTV.com
  2. If you’ve been looking for a team of people who want nothing but to propel you towards creating the future you want to be a part of, watch this gif.
  3. Ri4CTV is the broadcast station for the Providence Haven Village Project
  4. Ri4CTV.com/latest is where you can keep up to date with Providence Haven’s activities.
  5. You’re invited to join us in creating a village designed to help its members on the path towards what they truly want to become.
  6. This GIF is downloadable at Ri4CTV.com/havengif
  7. This text is downloadable at Ri4CTV.com/havengif
  8. Student writers, artists, and singers are all invited to join us.
  9. There are 5 major sections in Providence Haven
  10. Governance/Social Justice, headed by Jairson, and Shira Bedford
    1. This part of Providence Haven focuses on social activism, and creating the infrastructure for all the parts of Haven to work well together.
    2. We deal with issues like equality, income, and personal security in all Haven spaces.
  11. Music, headed by Mary Rathier, John Kandalaft, and Elias Turner
    1. You can either show up for a hilarious time with Mary during one of her Improv scenes,
    2. Collab on some songwriting with John and his lyrical talents,
    3. Or work on your personal music career with Elias, our rapper and producer.
  12. Marketing, headed by Norman, Jairson, and Victori (Victori is her name Nick not a mistype)
    1. Norman D. Baker is your Nexus for learning about Haven and where you fit in.
    2. Victori Getz heads our Facebook page and helps us out by marketing for us while all the way out in Maine!
    3. Jairson Ascencao is our residential salesman and is creating systems for the Haven Village members to be able to sell their products!
  13. Art, headed by Alec Mustafayev, a local High schooler and writer.
    1. He’s currently neck deep in the Kingmaker comic, a story about a language named Thumoslang that can change the world.
  14. And News, headed by Nickanthony Quach, the guy who created this gif!
    1. He runs our Youtube channel, our online magazine, and he was also part of the team that created Thumos: Adulthood, Love, and Collaboration.
    2. The thought that went into creating that book helped to create Haven as you see it today.
  15. You’re welcome to join us in any capacity you see fit.
  16. Our village Co leaders are Jairson, nexus for CoalMont Magazine and project manager for the village and Norman D. Baker, digital content creator, marketer, and PR
  17. A nexus means a story expander in our village. Haven’s goal is to expand your story on your path to who you truly want to become.
  18. Join us and have fun with us locally or from far away.
  19. For our latest news, watch the YouTube daily show NDBaker93 on Ri4CTV.

All images below will have a number that corresponds with their slide. (sorry wordpress made this the only way I could find to organize the images to the text.)

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