The First Thumos Villager

When this picture of Jairson Ascencao was taken at 2 AM on 1/1/2020, he and Nickantony Quach were spending the very first hours in the New Year working together to develop further the ticketing process for HavenfestPVD. All participants are expected to pay the entrance fee. As soon as you paid the fee, you become a chaser at the Festival. As spelled out by this Coalmont article earlier, a chaser can play the role of a spectator or a vendor, who rents a space at the Festival.

However, Jairson does not like the word vendor as it suggests that the only reason why you rent a space at the Festival is to sell something. This is not true. Anyone can rent a space at the Festival even if sales is not involved. That’s why he proposed the use of rentor, tenant, then settler. Nick does not like any of them. When Jairson proposed the use of villager, Nick asked him to explain why.

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