The Third Issue XOX HavenPVD Chronicle

HavenPVD Chronicle keeps up with the growth of individuals in Providence as they become far more powerful than they have been led to believe.

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Providence, RI | Sunday, December 10, 2019

A | Videos

The web page,, has been created to present the 2019 schedules for weekly video releases on Ri4CTV. The page,, will soon be created. Their contents have been kept on the page,, which has been presenting our past schedules for weekly video release. Related to it is the page, Its formal title is “New Releases”. Viewers can access it via the main menu at our webiste [ > Ri4CTV > Watch > New Releases].

B | Monday

On the second Monday of December, we did our third indoor music gathering. Thereafter, we met at Nick’s place for Haven Leadership Meeting. Jairson, James, Elias and Mary (J2EM) were there. So were Nick and Alec. We agreed to split our indoor schedule into three fixed time slots, as presented on, for a teaching workshop, an audience-oriented show, and a participant-oriented, not-staged collaborative session.




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