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HavenPVD Chronicle keeps up with the growth of individuals in Providence as they become far more powerful than they have been led to believe.

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Providence, RI | Thursday, December 5, 2019

A | Music

Our music group HavenPVD conducted its second indoor gathering on Monday, when we have the season saw its first snow. Attended the event were Shira, Thomas, Nick, and J2EM, which is the group of four regular participants: Jairson, James, Elias, and Mary. | Click here for event photos

During the business meeting at the end of the event, the regular participants expressed a desire to become make their group more and more professional. They were made aware of our Handbook for Project Participants in Rhode Island, also known as, Thumoslang401 Handbook.

B | Writing

Right after our music group Providence Haven wrapped up its second indoor gathering on the first Monday of December 2019,  Nick kicked off the writing of our online book, Thumoslang for Life. Written specifically for viewers of Ri4CTV and without constraints imposed by a printed version, the online book should take full advantage of related videos as they are available at our YouTube channel. Its purpose is to provide Thumoslang training as part of various outreach programs. | Tell me more

C | Norman

Norman D. Baker is the first of three co-hosts on our daily YouTube show NDBaker93. His contact information is located at On 12/3/2019, under his own initiative, he personally added a contact form thereon to make it easier for others to submit a message sent directly from his contact page at to his email inbox.


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