CaribouPVD Interschool Program

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Caribou is the idea of running a yearly interschool project in order to give students from nearby high schools an opportunity to grow with one another. If so desired, set up such a program for use by students from various high schools in your area.

CaribouPVD is a local version for Providence, Rhode Island. The purpose of the CaribouPVD Interschool Program is to walk a limited number of students from various high schools in Providence through a multi-month process making them, as the individual, far more powerful than they have been led to believe. More information is provided by the video, “About the CaribouPVD Interschool Program”, which is Episode 8 in Season 4 of the YouTube series NDBaker93.

The first two participants in the CaribouPVD Interschool Program are Alec Mustafayev and Elias Turner. Though both in the same high school class of 2020, they are from two different high schools in Providence.

Watch the following video before advancing to the next page.

Practical Steps


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