The Making of Thumoslang

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Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life, is created by Nickantony Quach two years after the book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, was published in 2017. Presented in the book is the Thumos philososophy. Nomenclature is what remains after the rules are torn off of the philosophy. A foretaste was presented on Page 18, which answer the following question. What is Thumoslang?

Technically, Thumoslang is a glossary. Each of its entries is a thumbnail definition bringing the interlocutor’s attention to what is ultimately expected of the concept in question. The objective is not just shared understanding of terms but also shared interpretation of concepts.

How an entry is created for the Thumoslang glossary is demonstrated by several videos. The best of all is the video, “What is Trust?” It is Episode 3 in Season 6 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. The video shows how we came up with a thumbnail definition for the concept of trust. As another example, how we came up with a thumbnail definition for the concept of nexus is captured by the video, “The Nexus Day”, which is Episode 6 in Season 2.

Leadership is one of the many concepts defined by a thumbnail in the 2017 book but it is re-defined by the Thumoslang effort in 2019. Leadership was, “spreading inspiration”, but it is now, “ahead of history”. However, as explained by the video, “What is Leadership? How to Lead?”, which is Episode 12 in Season 1, a leader cannot be too far ahead of history. This reminds us all that Thumoslang is falsifiable and its glossary terms are thus always revised over time until no longer possible.

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