The First Issue XOX HavenPVD Chronicle

HavenPVD Chronicle keeps up with the growth of individuals in Providence as they become far more powerful than they have been led to believe.

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Providence, RI | Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A | Leader

In the video, “Leader One”, which is Episode 1 in Season 1 of the YouTube series CaribouPVD, Alec Mustafayev, a senior student at Classical High School, decides to join Ri4CTV, a channel on YouTube. He is willing to be trained as a leader for our group.

B | CaribouPVD

The purpose of the CaribouPVD Interschool Program is to walk a limited number of students from various high schools in Providence through a multi-month process making them, as the individual, far more powerful than they have been led to believe. Every year, the current project ends in April, ahead of graduation for various participants.

C | Alec Mustafayev

Alec Mustafayev is a self-published author from Rhode Island. He published his first book, Rebellious, at the age of 15. He has said that the struggles faced by characters in his books are usually expressions of his own frustrations in life. He was inspired to write his own books by authors like J.K Rowling, among others.

D | NDBaker93

NDBaker93 is a daily show on Ri4CTV. Its three co-hosts are Norman D. Baker, Jairson Ascencao, and Alec Mustafayev. The show has been publishing a fresh episode daily since the first Saturday in October. Its debut episode is the video, BMX for Life, which begins at the so-called Trinity Skatepark, formally known as, Adrian Hall Skate Park, in Providence, where Norman D. Baker was first seen by Ri4CTV, on September 20th, while he and his cousin were riding BMX. The bulk of this debut episode was filmed on October 4th, 2019. It was then produced and immediately released on the next day. That was when the race begun between the real life of Norman D. Baker and the reality-television show NDBaker93 on Ri4CTV. | Watch the debut episode

E | Trailer



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