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[1] Right after our music group Providence Haven wrapped up its second indoor gathering on the first Monday of December 2019,  Nick kicked off the writing of our online book, Thumoslang for Life. Written specifically for viewers of Ri4CTV and without constraints imposed by a printed version, this online book should take full advantage of related videos as they are available at our YouTube channel.

[2] The purpose of the online book, Thumoslang for Life, is to provide Thumoslang training as part of various outreach programs. It should specifically address the following questions.

  • How can one build a team from scratch?
  • How can one strengthen the relationship with others?
  • How can one overcome procrastination?

[3] The first step in the writing project is to organize the source material at our Thumoslang Resource Center, which is part of the Ri4CTV Resource Center. The source material, for use in the writing of this book, includes all the resources as referenced below.

[4] The project is made possible mainly by the following individuals, sorted alphabetically by their fist name: Alec Mustafayev, Elias Turner, Ifeanyi Onyekaba, Ilaf Elard, Jairson Ascencao, Mark Canny, Nickantony Quach, and Norman D. Baker. They are introduced at the appropriate time in the book. Their key contributions are listed hereby.

  1. Nick and Mark wrote the 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.
  2. The book could not be finished without help from Ilaf Elard as the first to use Thumos philosophy, halfway through the writing project.
  3. To introduce the book, in 2018, Nick created the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. Alec joined him in the following year.
  4. As captured by the YoutTube series Thumoslang101, Ifeanyi encountered Thumoslang in August 2019.
  5. As captured by the YoutTube series Thumoslang102, Jairson reacted to Thumoslang101 in the following month.
  6. According to the Origin of NDBaker93, the daily show took off in October. Before long, it attracted three co-hosts: Norm, Jairson, and Alec.
  7. As captured by the YoutTube series Thumoslang103, Nick walked both Jairson and Norm through the life departments in their business of the self.
  8. As captured by the YoutTube series Thumoslang104, Alec reacted to Thumoslang101 in November.

[5] The above video series are based on all the work as expressed in the video collection, Thumoslang Origin. The story of Thumoslang is informally told by the Ri4CTV Transformative Trilogy, which includes the following three free-of-charge online books. How they are related to one another is explained by Page 13 in the Thumoslang401 Handbook.

[6] The Thumoslang401 Handbook is also known as the Handbook for Project Participants in Rhode Island. It is used by those who participate in the CaribouPVD Interschool Program or are member of our music group Providence Haven. Part of the handbook is the Project Glossary at Ri4CTV.

[7] Each and every page, or video clip, from the above-mentioned places was written, or produced, when it was necessary. As the pages, or video clips, are presented according to the chronological order, it may be difficult for many to fully appreciate the essence of the presentation. That’s why the online book, Thumoslang for Life, is necessary. Part of it is the Thumoslang Glossary.

[8] Alec , Elias, Jairson, Nick, and Norm still live in Providence, Rhode Island. HavenPVD Chronicle is a journal used to keep up with how their lives affect the writing of this book, and vice versa. Hopefully, after the book is fully written, English speakers from all over can use it as a gateway towards becoming far more powerful than they have been led to believe.

Practical Steps

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