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The Caribou Story on Ri4CTV, also known simply as, Caribou Story, is about how students from nearby high schools are given a yearly opportunity to grow with one another as they become far more powerful than they, as the individual, have been led to believe. The story traces how the opportunity is developed from the start, in such a way that it can be used by writers and reporters as an authoritative source of information for their purposes.

The Caribou story originates from the Haven story, which explains how the impromptu music group Providence Haven came about. While the latter tells the story of a particular group, the former tells the story of how other groups may be formed by one after another generation of local students.

The Story of Providence Haven, also known simply as, Haven story, in turn, originates from the story, The Making of NDBaker93, also known as, the Ri4CTV Journey. The writing of the latter stops when that of the former begins. These two along with the Caribou story make up the Thumos Trilogy, which, in turn, traces the making of Thumoslang.

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