What is the Thumos Movement?

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A growing place of social change, Thumos is a movement that was kicked off without fanfare by Norman D. Baker on November 23rd, 2019 when the video, The Thumos Movement, which is Episode 6 in Season 4 of the YouTube series NDBaker93, was published on Ri4CTV. The basic idea, on which the movement is founded, is expressed by the video, Game Changer, which is Episode 1 in Season 8 of NDBaker93. Behind the idea is The Making of Thumoslang.

It all began in 2015, when a mathematician and a psychology student came in contact with each other and realized that together they could create something life changing for society. After two years of hard work, they published the book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration,  spelling out a set of principles known as the Thumos philosophy by which one could truly see the boundaries of their social world, stop lying to themselves, and begin their path towards becoming a Bruce Lee of their field.

Some time passed, and Nickanthony Quach, the mathematician, realized that if he tore the rules out of the philosophy, he could release the power of language, and give people verbal weaponry to begin unlocking their potential. A nomenclature is what remains after the philosophy is stripped off of its rules. After two more years, he brought about what is now referred to as Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life.

The power of Thumoslang is well demonstrated by the YouTube series Thumoslang101, which captures the three-hour conversation between Ifeanyi Onyekaba and Nick in late August 2019. It’s the conversation that changes the world. Jairson Ascencao was convinced of the validity of the idea. His reaction spawned 21 videos in the YouTube series Thumoslang102, which catalyzed first, Norman, then, Elias Turner aka Tengu, then Alec Mustafayev to join the movement.

Now, it’s your turn. Help us change the world, and show everyone that they, as the individual, are far more powerful than they’ve been led to believe. To get started in joining our social movement, use the following link as the first step in using Your Life’s Game Changer.

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