Start of Our Leadership Team

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By Nickantony Quach, Ri4CTV | Saturday, November 30, 2019 | Providence, Rhode Island

Without fanfare, Nick begins writing a new chapter for our leadership team. He does so by starting a new daily journal at to keep track of how well our leaders work with one another everyday.

Our leadership team includes Alec, Jairson, Nick, and Norm. They are expected to visit their daily scoreboard at One of the following traffic color will be attributed to how well each of us exercised our leadership in the previous 24 hours.

  • Red (0 – MIA) | Missing in action
  • Yellow (1 – None) | In touch but with no work results
  • Green (2 – Either) | Got either leadership teamwork or writing deliverable
  • Blue (3 – Both) | Got both leadership teamwork and writing deliverable
  • Purple (4 – Great) | Got a breakthrough deliverable for our organization

Both a small amount of leadership teamwork and a small amount of writing deliverable on the daily basis is expected from each and every member of our leadership team.

Scoreboard for 11/29/2019

    • Alec | Green (2 – Either) | Big discussion on leadership but no writing deliverables
    • Jairson | Green (2 – Either) | Avoided using “me”, “myself”, and “I” in speech but no writing deliverables
    • Nick | Purple (4 – Great) | Done drafting Thumoslang401 and got acknowledgement of use from both Alec and Jairson
    • Norm | Yellow (1 – None) | Got us pizza but no leadership teamwork and no writing deliverables
    • Our Leadership Team | 2.25 | Average of 2 + 2 + 4 + 1, based on the above scores


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