What is Thumoslang?

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Definition; that means, explanation of meaning. The previous sentence is written in the syntax of a Thumos mantra, or simply, Thumos syntax.

Thumbnail; that means, brief but concise. Such a short definition is called a thumbnail definition, or simply, thumbnail. A Thumos thumbnail is a brief but concise definition written in Thumos syntax.

Thumos; that means, master of relationships. The original meaning from Greek is spiritedness but, in social context, the term carries its new meaning as so stated.

Wisdom; that means, effective use of knowledge. As expressed hereby, the term does not imply any judgment, which is often used by traditional dictionaries to explain the concept. Using a complex concept to explain a simple concept is not wise, i.e. not a display of wisdom.

Philosophy; that means, accepted wisdom. Created by co-authors Nickantony Quach and Mark Canny, the Thumos Philosophy, as presented by their 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, has been accepted as an effective use of knowledge in mastering relationships.

Nomenclature; that means, naming system. This is implied by the suffix “-lang”, which is short for language.

Thumoslang; that means, nomenclature for social life. Nickantony Quach is the Creator of Thumoslang. He began stripping the rules off of the Thumos Philosophy in 2018. What remains is its nomenclature, which is referred to as Thumoslang.

The power of Thumoslang is well demonstrated by the YouTube series Thumoslang101, which captures the three-hour conversation between Ifeanyi Onyekaba and Nick in late August 2019. It’s the conversation that changes the world. This is later confirmed by Jairson over 21 videos in the YouTube series Thumoslang102. | Tell me more

Thumoslang is promoted as the best-ever New Year’s resolution. This is explained by the article, Thumoslang as the Best-ever New Year’s Resolution, which is located here.

The power of Thumoslang is further demonstrated by the YouTube series Thumoslang103, also known as, Season 5 of the NDBaker93 Daily Show.

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