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Elias and Jairson are friends from high school; Elias is still there as of this writing. Jairson and Norm first met one another at a party in June 2019. Jairson and Nick first met one another in early September; neither knew of Norm as their mutual friend. Norm and Nick first met one another in late September; neither knew of Jairson as their mutual friend.

The origin of our story can be traced all the way back to a specific stop sign in Texas, two weeks before the September 11 attacks. | Tell me more

The power of Thumoslang is first demonstrated by the YouTube series Thumoslang101, which captures the three-hour conversation between Ifeanyi Onyekaba and Nick in late August 2019. It’s the conversation that changes the world. This is later confirmed by Jairson over 21 videos in the YouTube series Thumoslang102. | Tell me more

Agostino (Gus) Minter is a serious musician. He played music since his school-age years. Gus and Nick first met one another in early August. On the last Tuesday in September, Gus came over for a dinner at Nick’s place. As a demonstration of his work for Ri4CTV, Nick presented a video of his. The video happens to be about Jairson Ascencao, who was not expected to, but did, arrive exactly when the video finished playing and joined in to dine with us all.

What happens next was totally unexpected. During the meal, Jairson invited Gus and others to join him and his friends at Kennedy Plaza, the civic heart of Providence Downtown, to do an impromptu music gathering. Jairson never had any experience conducting such an event before but, from everyone, he got a big YES, which is the origin of our impromptu music group Providence Haven. The group is organized by both Elias and Jairson from the start. | Tell me more

Almost right after Elias and Jairson left our last Haven gathering in October, Allie Frankel appeared to tell us about her film project and its music requirements. She stopped by because of what she heard as Mary was on her ukulele, James with his melodica, and two other participants on their hand drums. | Tell me more

On the first of November, Elias and Jairson met Nick to learn of the music requirements. In this meeting, Elias declared that the copyright of his music should be owned not by him the individual but by our impromptu music group. That’s why we four met four days later to form the group, which is referred to as #We4inPVD. | Tell me more

On the 2019 Election Day, Elias Turner, Jairson Ascencao, Norman D. Baker, and Nickantony Quach, we four in Providence (#We4inPVD) became one when we signed our first business partnership agreement. The agreement is basically a simple list of seven core values, one of which is Thumoslang. | What is Thumoslang?

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In which week was the following video released on Ri4CTV? | On our first We4inPVD Fun Day

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