Two Weeks Ago

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By Nickantony Quach, Ri4CTV | Friday, November 21, 2019 | Providence, Rhode Island

Two weeks ago, on 11/7/2019, Elias brought Nick in as the second mind helping him to run his business of the self. During their first weekly one-on-one meeting, Nick asked Elias the following question.

What are the top three big things you want to accomplish before graduation?

The most important thing Elias wants to accomplish before high school graduation is to release a full-length album to sell before the start of June 2020. Further into the meeting, Nick made the following offer.

If we could work together like this every Thursday after school without time limit on your part, you (Elias) and I (Nick) could accomplish the following: publishing a book before your high-school graduation to tell the story of your senior year, your senior thesis project, and all the other things you accomplished along the way.

Here is what Elias said about the above offer.

I’m excited for this opportunity.

With the above agreement, Nick sprung into action right after the meeting. He did the following before the second weekly meeting.

  • The first step was to document all our decisions in The Have Office so that the information can be easily shared with those who need to know.
  • The second step was to start writing the first few pages for the book. Its first draft is presented at
  • The third step was to check and see if Gus, a musician in our impromptu music group Providence Haven, would be interested in working with Elias to release a full-length album to sell before the start of June 2020.

Initial Project Results

Our project was kicked off on 11/14/2019 in the meeting with Elias, Norm, and Nick. During the last portion of the meeting, Gus, and a friend from Canada, stopped by for a collaborative discussion with Elias. The following list shows our initial results for the CaribouPVD Project.

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