Life’s Trajectory Changed

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On the first of November, Elias returned to Nick’s makeshift film studio for a meeting with him and Jairson. The meeting lasted three hours, most on camera. The film footage is was used to produce 14 episodes, Episode 10 through Episode 23, in Season 2 of NDBaker93. Elias did not know it at the time but his life’s trajectory was drastically changed by this meeting.

Elias arrived at the meeting much earlier than Jairson did. While waiting, Nick showed him two videos produced using the film footage generated by our fourth impromptu music gathering. The first video, “Sweet Love”, which is Episode 2 in Season 4 of HavenPVD, captures a performance carried out by both Elias and Jairson. The second video, “Together as Providence Haven”, which is Episode 6 in Season 4 of HavenPVD, shows what it’s like to have an audience at our music gathering.

For the first time, Elias had the experience of a football player realizing that it is possible to review the game through film footage. He thought that the way he performed was good enough until he saw his own performance on film. Elias thought he had to wait until the film is released before he could review it. Nick explained that Elias could stop by and review the film directly from Nick’s film library at anytime. This was when Nick realized that Elias was not as powerful as he was led to believe. That’s why Nick immediately taught Elias the concept, Business of the Self, which drastically changed his life’s trajectory.

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