Game Changer

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Caribou | GC | Page 23 | Edit is the shortcut to your life’s game changer. It begins with the video, “Game Changer”, which is Episode 1 in Season 8 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. Writers for the newspaper of any school should find it more than just interesting as it may turn out to be a game changer in the life of their readers, and thus, one of the biggest stories they’ve ever encountered.  | Watch the video

The video is opened by Elias Turner aka Tengu, a senior student in high schoool, and his former schoolmate Jairson Ascencao, who happens to be the second co-host of our daily show NDBaker93. The video begins with Elias and Jairson taking turn to read the article, The Video That Changes The World, which is Page 22 of the Caribou Story. The article points out the following observation. In the span of only three hours, the six videos found in the YouTube series Thumoslang101 can “quickly sharpen the blade of your mind.” Jairson was the first to make this observation because the blade of his mind was the first to be effectively sharpened while watching the three-hour series. This observation is on display in the video, The Conclusion by Jairson Ascencao, which is Episode 21 in Season 1 of NDBaker93. | Watch the video

Thumoslang101 is the YouTube series that changes the world. Its six videos capture the same three-hour-long conversation between Ifeanyi Onyekaba (born 1993), a boxer who graduated from the University of Rhode Island (URI), and Nickantony Quach, the creator of Thumoslang, which is the nomenclature for social life.

“Thumoslang is used to develop yourself,” said Jairson, “in a way that is concrete to all the people around you.”

According to Jairson, the biggest takeaway from Thumoslang is the following.

“People cannot love you,” said Nick, “if they don’t know of your ideals.”

“If that was the only thing that we were able to teach every single person on this planet,” said Jairson, “everything would change.”

“Thumoslang would completely change the world by showing how all can support one another,” concluded Jairson, “instead of just trying to force opinions down each other’s throat.”

Before the second minute is out in the game-changing video, Jairson introduces the video that changes the world. It’s the video, How The Children Should Speak The Parent Language, which is Episode 11 in Season 6 of NDBaker93. This speak-parent video is the one that changes the world because it teaches every single person on this planet the lesson that would, according to Jairson, change everything. To be sure, Jairson repeats the following lesson.

“People cannot love you,” said the creator of Thumoslang, “if they don’t know of your ideals.”

Before the third minute is out in the game-changing video, Elias and Jairson begin watching the speak-parent video in its entirety. You can see their on-camera reaction the whole time.

Watch the video that is your life’s game changer

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