The Video That Changes The World

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In the video, The Conclusion by Jairson Ascencao, which is Episode 21 in Season 1, Norman D. Baker, the first co-host to the daily show NDBaker93, witnessed the conclusion that Jairson Ascencao, the second co-host, made about the YouTube series Thumoslang101. In the span of only three hours, the six videos found in Thumoslang101 can, observed Jairson, “quickly sharpen the blade of your mind.” | Take a listen

“Thumoslang is used to develop yourself,” said Jairson, “in a way that is concrete to all the people around you.” | Take a listen

According to Jairson, the biggest takeaway from Thumoslang is the following.

“People cannot love you,” said Nick, “if they don’t know of your ideals.” | Take a listen

“If that was the only thing that we were able to teach every single person on this planet,” said Jairson, “everything would change.” | Take a listen

“Thumoslang would completely change the world by showing how all can support one another,” concluded Jairson, “instead of just trying to force opinions down each other’s throat.” | Take  a listen

The video, How The Children Should Speak The Parent Language, which is Episode 11 in Season 6 of the YouTube series NDBaker93, is the video that changes the world because it can teach every single person on this planet the lesson that would, according to Jairson, change everything.

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