Allie Frankel

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Almost right after Elias and Jairson left our last Haven gathering in October,  Allie Frankel appeared to tell us about her film project and its music requirements. She stopped by because of what she heard as Mary was on her ukulele, James with his melodica, and two other participants on their hand drums. As Nick and his camera gear were still available, her appearance was captured by the video, “Second Shift”, which is Episode 11 in Season 4 of the YouTube series HavenPVD.

After she told Haven participants about her project, she did it again right away on camera. Nick produced three videos, as found in the following playlist, in which she presents information about her film project.

Nick also recorded a private message from her to both Elias and Jairson. Because of this, Nick called for a meeting and, for the second time, brought Elias back to his makeshift film studio two miles North of downtown. This meeting drastically changed the trajectory of Elias’ life as it gave him an opportunity to become far more powerful than he has been led to believe.

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