Season 4 of HavenPVD

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Nick was not going to produce any episode for Season 4 of HavenPVD before he does for seasons 2 and 3. He saw no urgency until after Allie Frankel appeared in our fourth music gathering to tell us about her film project and its music requirements.

The fourth gathering generated enough film footage for a dozen episodes. However, only three–episodes 2, 6 and 11–were produced for Season 4 due to the urgency brought about by Allie.

The first video, “Sweet Love”, which is Episode 2 in Season 4 of HavenPVD, captures a performance carried out by both Elias and Jairson. What Elias thinks of it is recorded in the video, “Meet Elias the @tengukid”, which is Episode 10 in Season 2 of NDBaker93. You may conclude that the series HavenPVD captures the raw event while the daily show NDBaker93 may offer a reaction to the event.

“So, I really liked it,” said Elias. “I didn’t know those kids got out dancing from the car. I thought it was really awesome. I think it’s really cool when you can catch stuff on camera that the performer or someone else won’t [be able to] catch. We can then actually see the entire environment and everyone interacting with us…”

“When Jairson talked to me first about Haven, we didn’t even have a name yet. [At the time, to be honest,] I just wanted to have a reason to perform… After we did [the first] two [meetings], it was a completely different ball game. We were thinking about making plans every day, week. I always wrote stuff for my journal. I  have an entire journal dedicated to Haven now because of the impact it has with people and the impact it has on myself mainly. I would have never wanted to get involved if it didn’t benefit me and the public as well. Those two things are my main purposes in life: [making everyone happy].”

The second video, “Together as Providence Haven”, which is Episode 6 in Season 4 of HavenPVD, shows what it’s like to have an audience at our music gathering. In this case, a member of the audience was also involved with the freestyle rap. What Elias thinks of it is captured in the video, “Meet Norm”, which is Episode 11 in Season 2 of NDBaker93.

“I love the way Jairson raps,” said Elias. “He has such an unorthodox way of putting ideas out there in music form, to me. At one point, he’d be rapping about something completely minuscule to what he’s about to say next but he’d find a way to connect it to make that message more powerful… He doesn’t care about how the message is delivered. He just wants the message to be delivered. [That’s] more important…”

By now, according to Episode 12 in Season 2 of NDBaker93, we have two objectives for Haven. First, we want it to be a year-round activity. Second, we always want to have audience involvement.

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