Directive #2 Nov 22nd 2019

Nick needs to brainstorm what companies and individuals will buy/promote our book

  • G4  needs to solidify script for Nate that we can apply for to-be sponsors
    1. With Jairson create video letters
    2. Openings are “cover letters” for the sponsor to-be
    3. G4 needs to become a business so we can talk to these entities on the incorporated level
    4. Once incorporated we can apply to the MET sponsorship program with video letter ready for them
      1. Video must provide current viewer with understanding that we have relationships with other sponsors
  • Show this project is planned out to create an after-school program and summer program
    1. Pilot program needs to show why to continue a relationship with Thumoslang
      1. Self Development
      2. Other’s Self Development
  • What is Nate’s Involvement? – All questions Elias should be asking
    1. Is he the Nexus to bring this project into the (MET) school?
      1. Is there a better staff member?

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